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GPR Program Structure

The General Practice Residency Program admits ten PGY1 residents and one PGY2 resident. A diverse clinical experience is gained through rotations within the hospital and affiliates. Schedules can be tailored to accommodate specific interests. Service rotations are as follows:

Clinical Rotation

General Dentistry (JMC and NCBH)     

Emergency Room

Anesthesia (OR)




Triage (Emergency Dental Care)




28 weeks

3 weeks

3 weeks

3 weeks

3 weeks

3 weeks

5 weeks

4 weeks

On-Call Duty

JMC's designation as a Level 1 Trauma Center produces an active Emergency Department. All residents become ACLS certified during orientation. The GPR is on first call and responsible for evaluating maxillofacial and dentoalveolar trauma. On-call is an average of three to four times monthly, with one night in house on Trauma Call. The remaining nights are considered Dental Call and may be taken from home, provided residents can reach the hospital for patient care within 20 minutes of being paged. Comprehensive dental care is not provided in the ER.

GPR residents may request additional assistance from second call OMFS interns, third call OMFS residents, and fourth call attendings.

The Dental/OMFS Department maintains overnight on call facilities at JMC.

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