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Dental Education Inquiries 

General inquiries:

Residency Coordinator:

Theresa Ortigoza,

Tel:     (718) 918-3419
Fax:    (718) 918-6147
E-mail: teresa.ortigoza@nychhc.org

General Practice Residency:

Program Director:

Robert Margolin, DDS

Tel:     (718) 918-3864

E-mail: robert.margolin@nychhc.org

Pediatric Dentistry:

Chief & Program Director:
Farhad Yeroshalmi, DMD, FAAPD

Tel:     (718) 918-3180
E-mail: farhad.yeroshalmi@nychhc.org

Associate Program Director:
Keith S. Margulis, DDS, FAAPD

Tel:     (718) 918-3602
E-mail: keith.margulis@nychhc.org

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery:

OMFS Residency Coordinator:

Mariam Ajose 
Tel:      (212) 844-6578 
Fax:     (212) 844-6975 
Email: majose@chpnet.org

Dental Anesthesiology:

Program Director:

Mana Saraghi, DMD

Tel:     (718) 918-3419

Email: saraghim1@nychhc.org

Surgical Orthodontics:


Timothy Levine, DMD

Tel:     (718) 918-5635

Email: timothy.levine@nychhc.org

Dental Public Health:


Victor Badner, DMD, MPH

Tel:     (718) 918-3419

Email: victor.badner@nychhc.org

For questions regarding the remaining programs, contact Theresa Ortigoza at the contact above.

JMC Department of Dentistry/OMFS • 1400 Pelham Parkway South •Building 1, Suite 3NE1• Bronx, NY 10461 • 718.918.3422