Pediatric Dentistry - Resident Information
Program Stipend and Tuition
All pediatric dentistry residents are members of the Committee of Interns and Residents (CIR) and receive the same salary as the medical residents. Post Graduate Year (PGY) levels are defined as a year of service in a residency training program which is certified as having been completed by the appropriate hospital authority. As of February 19, 2015 the following pay scale has been established :

PGY 1$59,874.10 $61,670.32
PGY 2$62,350.18 $64,220.69
PGY 3$67,303.43 $69,322.53
PGY 4$69,635.88 $71,724.95
PGY 5$71,676.77 $73,827.07
PGY 6$73,569.74 $75,776.84
PGY 7$77,356.76 $79,677.46

Residents also receive an additional $3,000 annual food allowance. Additional educational benefits provided by the CIR include $650/year for educational supplies and a one time $1,500 Continuing Education stipend. Residents will receive 4 weeks paid vacation as well as 10 Federal holidays.

Current Residents

Class of 2017

Tracy G. Kim, DMD
Dental School:University of British Columbia
Class of 2014
Residency:Jacobi Medical Center - GPR

Maral E. Mobasher, DMD
Dental School:University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine
Class of 2015

Kathryn A. Pallonetti, DMD
Dental School:Rutgers University School of Dental Medicine
Class of 2015

Nayrika Salamati, DDS
Dental School:University of Washington School of Dentistry
Class of 2013
Residency:University of California, Los Angeles - GPR

Class of 2018

Assal Abdossalehi, DMD
Dental School:Boston University School of Dental Medicine
Class of 2016

Simi Abraham, DDS
Dental School:New York University College of Dentistry
Class of 2010
Fellowship:Fellowship: Special Care Dentistry
Rose F. Kennedy Center
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Alyssa Levy, DDS
Dental School:University of Buffalo School of Dental Medicine
Class of 2016

Sharona Shimunova, DDS
Dental School:New York University College of Dentistry
Class of 2016

Bertram M. Strachan, DDS
Dental School:Columbia University College of Dental Medicine
Class of 2016

Dr. Judy Aspinall 2008
Dr. Akiva Bersson 2014
Dr. Sky Berdahl 2007
Dr. Rachel Bohnen 2016
Dr. Meryl K. Brown 2015
Dr. Francisca Ceron 2011
Dr. David Choi 2010
Dr. Richard Duong 2011
Dr. Solmaz Emam 2011
Dr. Atousa Farahani 2015
Dr. Mojdeh Faraz 2016
Dr. Andrea Frere 2016
Dr. Emily Gabeler 2010
Dr. Diana Gabriel 2008
Dr. Sepehr Hariri 2016
Dr. Golnaz Jalali 2013
Dr. Olga T. Grant 2012
Dr. Evan Hershkowitz 2010
Dr. Brenda T. Huynh 2015
Dr. Timothy Imafidon, Jr. 2011
Dr. Jocelyn Jeffries 2009
Dr. Faisal Khan 2009
Dr. Dami Kim 2009
Dr. Michael E. Kornblatt 2015
Dr. Keith Margulis 2007
Dr. Vali Mohammadi 2007
Dr. Daniel B. Nyer 2012
Dr. David Nikfarjam 2008
Dr. Rekha Patil 2008
Dr. Tahmineh Rastegari 2014
Dr. Melanie Rothberg 2009
Dr. Bradford Scheideman 2014
Dr. Adela Schiop 2010
Dr. Caroline T. Shaw 2013
Dr. Katayoun Tajik 2014
Dr. Geetha Thirumala 2007
Dr. I-Fang Diana Tsai 2012
Dr. Sara Werb 2007
Dr. Jennifer L. Wilbur 2013
Dr. Jennifer S. Zuckerman 2013
Dr. Randy J. Zultowsky 2012
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