General Information - Description of Hospital
Located in the Bronx, Jacobi Medical Center provides quality health care for some 1.2 million Bronx and New York area residents. Founded in 1955, Jacobi was named in honor of Dr. Abraham Jacobi, known as the father of American pediatrics.

With more than 500 beds, Jacobi Medical Center (JMC) has grown into the largest public hospital in the Bronx. It offers a complete range of acute, specialty, general and psychiatric services. Jacobi also operates community-based health care centers that provide general adult and pediatric examinations and health screenings for a variety of concerns, including hypertension, diabetes, breast cancer and prostate cancer. Located on Pelham Parkway, across the street from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, the Jacobi Medical Center serves the thousands of community residents in this urban landscaped area of the Bronx. The population is mixed lower and middle class with a variety of dental insurance plans.

The East Campus (Jacobi) is comprised of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Jacobi Medical Center. JMC is comprised of Jacobi Hospital ambulatory, in-patient and emergency facilities and the Rose F. Kennedy Center. Jacobi Hospital (Bldg #1) is the primary site utilized for emergency care, oral maxillofacial surgery training, and operating room experience. The dental clinic ( also located in Bldg #1) is the primary site of comprehensive ambulatory dental care for adults and children. The Rose F. Kennedy Center (Bldg #3) delivers dental care to patients with developmental disabilities. Jacobi Medical Center is designated as a Level 1 trauma center. This provides the residents with the unique opportunity to work with emergency room personnel to provide care for those who have sustained maxillofacial trauma.

Jacobi Medical Center is a member of the New York City Health and Hospitals system and partners with North Central Bronx Hospital to provide care for patients and educational opportunities for residents.
  • A major academic affiliate and teaching site of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.
  • Offers a complete range of acute, specialty, general care and psychiatric services.
  • Offers specialized Emergency Departments for adult, pediatric and psychiatric services.
  • A Level I Trauma Center (serving the North Bronx and Lower Westchester); the regional Hyperbaric Center and Regional Snakebite Center for the Tristate area.
  • Operates the only multi-person emergency hyperbaric chamber in New York City.
  • Operates the only Burn Unit in the Bronx, the second largest in New York City, with 30 years of clinical research and teaching experience, pioneering in early surgical intervention to preserve skin and minimize infection and injury.
  • Serves as a referral center for acute psychiatry, burn care, neonatology, infectious disease, chest medicine, tropical medicine, rehabilitation and home care.
  • Operates a Level III Neonatal ICU with one of the best outcome records in the United States.
  • Operates a Women's Health Center, a "model" primary care program that provides the full spectrum of women's health needs from adolescence through maturity.
  • Operates a state-of-the-art Outpatient Center for adult AIDS patients.
  • Sponsors approved residency and fellowship training programs in over 40 specialties and subspecialties.
  • Jacobi Medical Center and its partner North Central Bronx hospital are the sole public providers of health care services in the North Bronx, with an annual average of:
    • 32,000 inpatient discharges
    • 175,000 emergency visits
    • 580,500 outpatient visits
    • 4,300 ambulatory surgery visits
    • Over 35,000 outpatient dental visits
  • Recognized by the communities it serves as the socially responsible, experienced provider of choice for the more vulnerable populations - medically underserved, uninsured, Medicaid/Medicare recipients and uniformed services personnel.
We are proud of Jacobi's new, $173 million inpatient facility. Designed for patient comfort as well as the latest in medical technology, our new hospital includes 344 inpatient beds placed in beautiful and spacious private and semi-private rooms. Large, modern Adult and Pediatric Emergency Departments are specially equipped to handle trauma, critical illness, injury, or mass casualty incidents.

The Department of Dentistry/OMFS sponsors residencies in General Dentistry, Pediatric Dentistry, Dental Anesthesiology, and Dental Public Health. It also offers a fellowship in Cranio-facial orthodontics. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery training is provided in conjunction with Mt. Sinai Medical Center and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. This is a six-year (MD degree) OMFS program. All programs are fully accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) which is part of the American Dental Association (ADA).

All of our residency programs work together in a team approach providing comprehensive care and in-patient coverage. Our unique Public Health Residency (the only one in New York) affords the residents the opportunity to gain experience in community dentistry programs as well.

Residents function as associates of the Attendings and provide appropriate care to their assigned patients. Our programs are designed to help the resident find diverse clinical experience and grow in confidence while under the guidance of experienced practitioners.
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