GPR - Clinic Rotations
JACOBI and NCBH:Residents spend equal amounts of time at both dental centers. Free transportation via Jacobi Shuttle service connects the two hospitals. Residents perform all aspects of comprehensive general dentistry under the guidance and supervision of GP and specialty attending staff.

TRIAGE:Residents learn to exam, diagnose and treat all aspects of dental emergencies at both JMC and NCBH.

ROSE F. KENNEDY CENTER: Residents develop individual plans to treat developmentally disabled patients in an environment geared specifically for special needs. Treatment plans are then implemented under the supervision of a specialized attending faculty.

ANESTHESIA: Three week rotation in the JMC OR under the supervision of the Department of Anesthesiology. Residents complete an Advanced Airway Management Course at the JMC SIM Lab and a Moderate Sedation Course prior to assignment.

COMMUNITY/ELECTIVE: A rotation in the community dentistry program and/or an elective rotation in a specialty of interest.

EMERGENCY ROOM: Three weeks of full day rotation in the JMC Level 1 Trauma Center. Residents are assigned an attending preceptor and work within the ER team developing patient assessment skills and emergency treatment modalities.

DIDACTICS: Lectures are scheduled in the AM prior to clinic and in the PM when clinical hours have finished. A monthly schedule is published on line and distributed to the entire residency staff.
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