GPR - Clinic Rotations
JACOBI or NCBH: Residents spend a majority of their time at the Jacobi Hospital Dental Clinic or NCBH. At Jacobi and NCBH, residents perform all aspects of comprehensive care in all the dental specialties required for a patient's treatment under the supervision of General Dentistry attendings and a full range of specialists.

JACOBI: Jacobi Hospital emergency dentistry rotation. Residents perform all phases of emergency dentistry including extractions, incision & drainage, and pulpotomies/pulpectomies.

ROSE F. KENNEDY CENTER: This rotation involves treating developmentally disabled patients. Full days are spent at Kennedy on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Tuesday is spent in the JMC Dental Clinic to maintain contact with assigned patients. Friday is spent on a variety of elective and clinical experiences often alongside the Dental Public Health Residents.

ANESTHESIA: This 2 week rotation is spent at the Jacobi Medical Center operating room. During these two weeks of rotation the resident spends full days with the anesthesia department.

JACOBI and NCB OR: An operating room/general anesthesia sedation rotation. The resident is assigned to OR cases throughout Jacobi and NCB Hospitals and Clinics.

COMMUNITY/ELECTIVE: A rotation in the community dentistry program and/or an elective rotation in a specialty of interest.

EMERGENCY ROOM: Two weeks of full day rotation in the Jacobi Medical Center ER. This rotation involves learning about the diagnosis and treatment of medical emergencies.

DIDACTICS: Daily scheduled lecture and seminar sessions begin at 7:30 am. Teaching sessions include exposure to all disciplines. Attending faculty are available during clinic sessions for opportunities to provide individualized educational experience. Lecture and seminar topics include specific topics within all dental specialties and is tailored according to the interests of the group of residents. Occasionally lunchtime and evening lectures are provided as appropriate.
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